Feng Lianghong

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1962 Born in Shinghai, China
1989 Central Academy of Art & Design(now the Art Academy of Tsingha University)
1990 Moved and settied down in New york city
2006 Came back to China, lives and works in Beijing and New York

2011 It is Not the Eternal Tao: Abstract Paintings of Feng Lianghong  
White Box Museum of Art   (Beijing)
2009 Cynthia-Reeves Gallery  New york  NY  USA
2007 TRA Gallery   Beijing
1997 Beyond Calligraphy&Graffiti    Gallery456  New york  USA

2010 Subjective Reality      Artmia Gallery    Beijing
2010 Reshaping History Chinart from 2000-2009  China National Convention Center  Beijing
2010 Spring Equinox   Yuan Art Museum   Beijing
2010 SOFA New York Art Fair    New York  NY   USA
2010 Chicago International Art Fair   Chicago   USA
2010 Art Beijing2010 Contemporary Art Fair      Beijing  
2009 Art-China    Huantie Art Museum    Beijing
2009 Art Miami    Miami   FL  USA
2009 Chinese Contemporary Art   Beijing Hotel Gallery  Beijing
2009 Visual Experiment of ZHONGYONG  Eastlink Gallery  Beijing
2009 Scope Basel Intemational Art Fair, Basel   Switzerland
2009 Chicago Intemational Art Fair,  Chicago  USA
2008 The 2nd Chinese Contemporary Art Document   Yonghe Art Museum   Beijing
2008 From New York to Beijing     Today Art Museum  Beijing
2008 Cross-Reference     Shuimu Art Space    Beijing
2007 US and Us     TRA gallery   Beijing
1998 Global roots-Chinese artist in New york   Purdue Univeisity  Indiana  USA
1998 Contemporary Asian art in Americon   Mills Pond House. St.james NY  USA
1995 Six Artist    Cork Gallery Lincoin Center  New York   USA
1995 “Pier Show 2”   Blooklyn   NEw York  USA
1992”18th Annual art exhibition”   Clark Gallery  Las vegas,  NV
1991 Art at west of American      Steven Brother Gallery   Las vegas,  NV
1989 Chinese Avant-garde  National Gallery  Beijing
1986 “Painting by three artists”   Qinghua University   Beijing
1985 “Modern Ar by six artists”   Fudan University   Shanghai