Zhao Nengzhi2012
Apr 07 - May 07, 2012

Press Release

CURATOR:Dai Zhuoqun
PRESENTED BY: Sun Yongzeng
ASSISTANT CURATOR:Li Yunxia ,Xie Jinyuan
ORGANIZER: White Box Museum Of Art
OPENING: Saturday ,April 9, 2012, 3p.m.
DATES: April 7, 2012 –May 7, 2012
MUSEUM OPENING HOURS: 10:00 - 18:00, Tuesday - Sunday
VENUE: WHITE BOX MUSEUM OF ART, 798 Art Dist., NO.2 Jiu Xianqiao Road, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing, China
CONTACT US: +86-10-5978 4801

Curator Article

Zhao Nengzhi 2012

The figures and faces in Zhao Nengzhi’s works are often seen to be complicated and obscured, it somehow push out the spirit of the figures in the painting by continuously using the methods of coloring, covering, and scrambling the image. When the audiences stand in front of the picture, their visions can easily penetrate the facial features of the image and reach its inner spirit, so that we can understand the calm structures of the artist’s works from the obscure lines and colors.

Zhao Nengzhi’s serie “Blue”, maintain the structures and elements of his earlier works, the body and expressions became the carrier of the artist’s creations, work such as the “Big head”, or the half man figures, Zhao Nengzhi always using the exaggerated and transformation of focus to show his works to us, also emphasizing the characteristics of the partial figures. The partial features of his works are just a kind of media, which arrange the massive chaos into a combination of everything. Whether it might be judged as twisted, terrifying, painful, stressful, or blind, we cannot denied that those expressions shown were the same characteristics we all shared as a human been. The artists showed our “true” conditions through this form of violent creation.  

Zhao Nengzhi’s creations are very progressive, and it’s full of unknown characteristics, how far can the artist dig into his potentials to express his intellectual structures. Zhao always emphasizing his coincidental experiences, “I like my works to be focus on the brush works, and the line elements, those images might seem to be created from the mistakes during the process of painting and in fact it is, but I like those coincidental mistakes during my painting process, it’s interesting to maintain those mistakes.” The obsession of pure and unstable nature was the true form of Zhao’s inner self. Therefore, he often remain cautious and sensitive towards the “pure abstraction” forms.


Installation View


  • no 11 120/120cm2012
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