The agricultural poetry --Yan Bing
Mar 17 - Apr 16, 2012

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The agricultural poetry --Yan Bing
Curator/ Dai Zhuo Qun

The provincial protectionism often react a step slower towards our history, but what interests me the most was the things that are parallel to our history, at the same time, it must grow from the root and standing on each soil, has its own experience.-----Italo Calvino
Yan Bing’s inspirations were obtained from the agricultural labors, this farming style solve the conflict relationships between the artist’s history background and “opening” reality. He chooses to continue the life of the agricultural experiences to retain the poetic space in today’s society. 
  From the earliest materials like the cow hides, to the daily materials like the mud and silk, the ideas of the artist still focus on human, materials, society and thoughts, his works uses the new methods of refreshment to refresh the feelings of us, and lighten up the truth of all things. Because of human interruption, everything has its humanity side, and through creating a form of matter, we can improvise the relationships between human and matters into an unspeakable realm, which carries the emptiness of this world, in order to express the powers with in.
  Yan Bing says that Chinese are often in a silent condition, but if you communicate with everyone, open up every one’s heart, we can see a very rich world inside, and this world’s outside surface, just like the “Box”, sealed and locked.


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